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Today's Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are faced with new challenges as they work to implement the systems and processes required to identify, measure, track and report on the non-financial factors of corporate sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). CIOs sit at the intersection of their organization's sustainability objectives and commitments, financial and securities reporting obligations, and legal compliance requirements (including, human rights, privacy, regulatory and securities laws). This requires a strategic and artful balance of complex and competing demands as CIOs transform their management information systems to meet the commitments and aspirations of their organizations.

Watch this two-part introduction as a first look at how the growing content on this microsite will help you in managing your ESG compliance as well as a foundation of information on the relationship between sustainability, ESG and CIOs.

Sustainability & the CIO: Introduction

Part one focuses on introducing sustainability and ESG and what it can mean for your organization and your information system.


Sustainability and ESG 101

In part two, Radha Curpen details the pivotal role that CIOs play in developing ESG mandates and an organization's sustainability journey over short- and long-term timelines. She provides an overview of trending issues in Canada and a look into how to tackle the continuous process of responding to new mandate integrations and establishing frameworks.


Modules and Resources

The growing content on this microsite will help you in managing your ESG compliance as well as a foundation of information on the relationship between sustainability and CIOs. For your convenience, we have compiled our modules and related insights to keep you up-to-date on timely and insightful items of interest.

Evolving Regulation of Information in Canada

Information systems can unexpectedly evolve or begin to develop bias. As a CIO and organization, continuous vigilance is required while managing information systems to ensure that data sets are not inadvertently bringing a bias into the system. Watch Stephen's module for insight on the logistics of the regulation of information in Canada and the risk of inherent bias that arises within the information system itself.

Evolving Reporting Requirements

With growing focus on sustainability in corporate structures, there's been an abundance of organizations proposing various standards of practice and disclosure. While ESG factors are becoming central to many investing and lending activities, there has been a lack of adoption of consistent standards and reporting. Watch Denise's module for a look into what challenges companies will face as they navigate the actively evolving ESG reporting requirements and decide which frameworks and standards to adopt and utilize.

Information Systems, Data Sets and Bias

CIOs are at the centre of change in sustainability and ESG. They are balancing their organization's objectives and aspirations with changes in Canadian reporting requirements, laws and information systems. Watch as Stephen Burns provides an overview of Bennett Jones' Sustainability & the CIO series—and how it will provide the context and practical information CIOs need as organizations move forward with their objectives

Insights for CIOs

Bennett Jones and the Launch of Mondaq's ESG Comparative Guide

October 07, 2022

The inaugural Mondaq ESG Comparative Guide has been launched. Bennett Jones' Radha Curpen is the contributing editor. She and 10 other Bennett Jones lawyers author the Canadian chapter of the Guide.

Federal Government Introduces Cybersecurity Legislation to Protect Critical Infrastructure

June 17, 2022

The Government of Alberta has announced that, pursuant to the Financial Innovation Act and Financial Innovation Regulations, applications to join the regulatory sandbox will open on July 4, 2022.

Privacy Reforms Now Back Along with New AI Regulation

June 17, 2022

If enacted as currently drafted, we anticipate that the CPPA and AIDA will have a significant impact on organizations' privacy practices and use of artificial intelligence.

Managing the Risks of ESG Reporting

19 octobre 2022

With the rapidly evolving landscape of ESG, stakeholders are navigating the emerging legal and compliance issues that arise from the transformation of information management systems. Please join this webinar on the frameworks and key steps necessary to manage the risks of ESG reporting and compliance.

Bennett Jones et le lancement du Guide comparatif ESG de Mondaq

07 octobre 2022

Le premier Mondaq ESG Comparative Guide a été lancé. Radha Curpen de Bennett Jones est la rédactrice en chef contributive. Elle et 10 autres avocats de Bennett Jones sont les auteurs du chapitre canadien du Guide. Le guide ESG de Mondaq comprend initialement 18 chapitres avec des contributions d’avocats de premier plan dans des cabinets d’avocats de premier plan au Canada, aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne, en Suisse, à Singapour, à Hong Kong, en Australie, au Brésil et plus encore.

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Stephen D. Burns
Stephen D. Burns
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Radha D. Curpen
Radha D. Curpen
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Defining ESG Within Your Organization

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