In the course of a century, Bennett Jones has cultivated leadership for the legal, business and political worlds.

Bennett Jones has grown from a small 10-lawyer firm in the prairies to one of Canada's largest law firms with more than 500 lawyers and advisors in offices across Canada and in New York City. We have enjoyed a rich history of political and judicial leaders and big thinkers who have contributed to Canada's success and prosperity.

Celebrating our Centennial Chronicle

It is an honour to introduce Firm First: 100 Years of Service and Trust, the story of Bennett Jones, a business law firm born and bred in a small prairie town a century ago that went on to become a national force in Canadian law and business.

Firm First—it’s a philosophy that holds as paramount the interests and welfare of the firm and our clients. It has animated our progress since 1922 and continues to define who we are today. We are proud to be a strong part of Canadian history.

We invite you to download a digital copy of our commemorative book on the people, events and resolve that shaped our storied history. Or visit our abridged online version.

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